Workstation 8 install

Hello all, I just installed the latest version of FreePBX (FreePBX-4.211.64-6-x85_64-Full-137493079.iso) on a Windows 7 box in VMWare Workstation 8. I let VMware use default settings for the VM except to point to the iso.

During the install I get the warning that several packages (make and patch) are missing. I selected continue for both.

The install runs OK after that but on boot, the VM just hangs on mounting the filesystem read-only. After a reboot, all I see is the progress bar ending in CentOS 6.4.

Just for fun I tried the previous stable release based on CentOS 6.3 and got the exact same set of symptoms (except the bar ends in CentOS 6.3) :slight_smile:

I’ve installed several Linux VMs before and so could probably run rpm/yum installs if they are available but I’d prefer the one stop shopping.

I have never used workstation but I know people who have used eSXI without issue.

Sounds like it can’t talk to the disk controller emulation you configured in your container (or possibly the network card).

Try and stick with basics. IDE and Intel Pro series NIC emulation.

I assume this is for testing?

Thanks for the response…this is actually for a lab deployment and since we have Workstation on all of the machines, it would be nice to get a straight-forward install to work. Other distros bomb out too.

Thanks for the tip - I’ll try building a custom VM and let you know how it goes. Just didn’t feel like finding another box to deploy ESXi on…

Well, with the custom VM you can change to IDE but the options are very limited when changing the network emulation. Anyway, tried IDE and I had the same problem. The strange thing is I was able to install CentOS and then AsteriskNOW. The web server didn’t start but it does indicate that things will work in workstation… However, the full installs from AsteriskNOW and FreePBX do not even start up.

Is there a way to install CentOS and then rpm FreePBX?

OK, decided to do the install from scratch on CentOS 6.4. So, long story short I followed the instructions on your install guide and all went reasonably well except that when I logged into the GUI there were a couple of error messages. Sifting through these there appeared to be a few missing/out of date packages or items that did not start.

I ran some updates and now after logging in I wind up with a blank screen. I’ve read quite a bit about the digiumaddoninstaller but after following several of the suggestions I have the same problem and so can do nothing with the GUI. I guess I’m running out of ideas…