"Works For Me" Status for issues

I have always found the “Works For Me” response to submitted bugs rubs me the wrong way even though it may provides some level of information. Does anyone else have this response?

I suggest some nicer category be created like “Tested, Cannot Reproduce”.

The response explained in the link above. It is an industry standard and pragmatic response.

An issue closed with this resolution typically means the issue was tested typically by the developer and either our support services or QA team and we could not reproduce the report.

Not sure how you would expand on it just works


Right, I get that, Thanks. I just was wonder if anyone else winces when they get that message. I am very human factors oriented and tend to notice my reactions to such things and this always makes me think “Well good for you but how does that help me”.

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It doesn’t. The issue ticketing system is not a support network. It doesn’t exist to help you.

And why then do we take time to report problems, isn’t it a partnership? Just trying to share thoughts on keeping it constructive.

To improve the project and fix bugs

If you have a problem with this status then we it “works for me” what would you suggest we do

It is a partnership, but it’s important to know that the issue tracker exists for the benefit of the project, which in turn benefits the project’s users. It’s pedantic, but there’s a reason it’s called an issue tracker and not a problem tracker. The dev team can’t action a problem, only the cause of the problem. If the ticket creator can’t identify the cause, nor describe the problem in enough detail so it can be consistently reproduced, there isn’t much a dev can do to proceed. Either the ticket gets a request for additional information or it gets closed as “Works For Me”.

You mention that “Works For Me” rubs you the wrong way, but you neglect to add that each one of those tickets gets a response worded as such:

The issue tracker is not the place for determining the cause of problems. The expectation is that the reporter will avail themselves of other resources to get further assistance. If it later proves that there is indeed a FreePBX bug, the ticket can be reopened with additional details.


Note also if you can reliable reproduce an issue and provide steps to do so we will follow those steps. I had one that passed everyone’s testing because it only failed on Firefox and only if items were in a specific order. Without exact steps and environment we wouldn’t be able to confirm the issue. Every issue has to be reproducible to be solves. It’s like having 100 pieces missing from a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle. You have to assemble the other 900 before you know which hundred are missing. Programmers do one thing. We solve puzzles. If the puzzle is incomplete all we have is assumptions and we all know what they say about assuming.

The best bet most of the time is to post your issue on the forums first. Others may confirm if it is an edge case or a while spread issue. We obviously follow along here and if something is painfully obvious we direct people to open tickets. I can tell you if we send you to the ticket system it probably won’t close with the above status. Again when triaging this is not an arbitrary or punt status. We have teams that test these things. We try to confirm issues. When we don’t have enough to try we ask for feedback and try to solve every issue we can based on triage.

Some insight into the triage process
4 senior software engineers, a support lead and the QA and support manager discuss every ticket on Mondays. We keep a pulse on issues we see multiple users having. Things that QA and support has confirmed or needs to confirm etc. When you post to the forums and get multiple “Mee too” responses we may have it fixed the same day. People rely on us, often for business communication. We obviously rely on them as our business and passion. We really try to bend over backwards to make sure we are taking care of folks


I agree, with almost all you guys say. Unfortunately, we do some times get errors in our pretty much stock operation of the system and our only information is the error. I will follow your suggestion to post on the community just to see if anyone has an answer. Other than that, I was just commenting on the words, not the support. Thanks.

In the last year we did remove the status “invalid” due to community concerns. So we do listen

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