Working with Cisco VG224

Just arrived an old Cisco VG224 to play with.

Is it possible to register each of its FXS voice-ports with each extension in freepbx ?

Configure a sip trunk between Cisco and Freepbx is straightforward (use destination patterns / outbound rules to dial the device on the opposite side) but not wanted , I mean about each sigle port to act as it was a registered sip phone.

Yes, it is possible, but you need to configure chan_mgcp manually.

Chan_mgcp seems a way to adapt asterisk to work with cisco device/protocol,
Is it possible to accomplish what I’m looking for at Cisco level, as one usually do with Cisco ATA (ie spa122) for each VG voice-peer ??

What would be the point of doing that? AFAIK these old Cisco devices do not support the SIP protocol.

Does it have a SIP stack on it? If not, then no. The only way this is going to work like a SPA122 is if the SIP stack is supported.

The VG224 is supported by chan_sccp and there’s a sample config available: vg224_vg248_chan sccp b · chan-sccp/chan-sccp Wiki · GitHub

I’d expect the VG to work ok as a pjsip trunk. Create some Custom extensions, with the Dial field set to call the trunk, e.g.
PJSIP/[email protected]
For calls from the VG, set the Context to from-internal and set the VG to send the extension number as caller ID.

VG224 has sip stack
I followed this solution: Use a Cisco router FXS as PBX subscriber - #7 by michelpy
without success unless I addedd trusted ip subnet into
> voice service voip => ip address trusted list
as from IOS15.1 was introduced against toll-fraud

Now pjsip endpoint is available and works as expected

Question: VG224 peer authentication username MUST be of at least 4 characters, it means at least 4 digit extension on freepbx, having 3 digit extensions can I set a sip(pjsip) username that differs from somewhwere ??

I know nothing about the VG, but here are some options that might work:

  1. Create the 4-digit extension to match the VG, but set 3-digit numbers in CID Num Alias (should show on outbound calls to internal destinations) and in SIP Alias (show allow calling to the extension)

  2. Set up a 3-digit Virtual extension that is permanently forwarded to the 4-digit. Use CID Num Alias for outbound.

  3. Set up the VG as a trunk, as mentioned in earlier post.

Thank you for tips , but , with a trunk, aren’t all specific “per extension” pbx services going to be lost ??
With a trunk there are no extensions configured in pbx , just dialing rules (outbound routes) to call a remote extension like if it resides in another pbx ( the cisco gateway).
That’s why I prefer to have extensions set locally on freepbx.
Am I wrong ?

Perhaps you could to use the from-did-direct context for the Cisco trunk. Outbound routes using that ‘trunk’ rewritten ‘as appropriate’

Consider configuring the connection to the Cisco device as two ‘trunks’, one for inbound calls , one for outbound calls using the from-internal context

Set up trunk to the analog gateway.

Define a Custom Extension for each analog port you want to use. Dial string for the custom extension would be like “PJSIP/[email protected]” for extension 123 and PJSIP trunk called vg224.

Custom extensions will work like regular extensions. You can give them voicemail boxes, add to ring groups, etc.

Well…good hints, I’ll give them a try …

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