Working on a custom interface

I’m putting together an interface, and I need to change the destdial value in table miscdests. That part is easy.

I found on another post where you have to run ‘reload’ from the CLI. Is there another step before or after this to make the change complete? I won’t be adding or deleting anything from this table, just changing the destdial value on demand from a web-page.


Nevermind. Found an answer.



from the CLI (asterisk -vr)


Here’s a shell script I’m using

asterisk -rx reload
echo 'completed'

Now I can make changes in a custom php interface to the database, and have the settings reloaded to take effect.

I’m calling it from php by:

$results = exec('/root/test.file');

In case anyone is interested.

Install freepbx include admin-freepbx(GUI), FOP and ARI.
I want remove ARI (not use). Howto ?