Working great.. Except for a few strange things

I set things up using this tutorial

A simple one that I just can’t figure out. When I use the analog phone connected to the 3202, and I dial, for example *77 to record something. I get dead air, then a dial tone again. When I try and enter a feature code, *21 for example to transfer, nothing happens. Where are my settings wrong here?

Also, for some reason my WAN X-Lite softphone takes FOREVER to start ringing, like 20 seconds. But the softphone on my iPhone seems to work fine. Any ideas?

I am also using Media5-fone for iPhone, and it seems to drain the battery like there is no tomorrow. There is a setting for battery conservation is using TCP, but I can’t seem to get it to work, even changing the transport on the extension’s page to TCP only or ALL-TCP Primary. (Of course I change the setting in the soft phone) Any ideas with this one?

Have a look at the dialplan on the 3202. It could be that it is set to use * to access local features rather than pass it on to the PBX.