Wonky Rest Phone Apps

Current 10.13.67 with all Updates applied - Asterisk 13 - I have been beating my head against this today - Digium phones and Restful Phone Apps - when I press a Rest button, Apache logs the following error:

[Tue Jan 19 10:58:14 2016] [error] [client] script ‘/tftpboot/applications.php’ not found or unable to stat

But if I put a symbolic link into /tftpboot like this:

ln -s /var/www/html/restapps/applications.php applications.php

it sort of works - when I park a call, it doesn’t light up and show that a call is parked in the Status, so I don’t think the communications is working correctly.

Sounds like something is wrong. It should not be looking to tftp for that but http. Is EPM setting up the buttons for Phone Apps to be TFTP? it should not be

Don’t know what is wrong - it’s a fresh load of 10.13.67 and Asterisk 13 with FreePBX 13 - I don’t use Rest Apps that much, but in the past, they have set up without problems - I am switching to Aastra phones for this install - it’s only 3 phones and I can’t waste any more time on it.


Do not use PJSIP. RestApps have issues that we are still trying to resolve with PJSIP

Haven’t even tried PJSIP yet - this was with Chan-SIP.