Wonkey Sangoma S505

I’ve got a Sangoma S505 that I’m using to see how the phones behave and I’m having some issues.

I setup the phone with FreePBX EPM (recent version) and got the phone configured using tftp and it looked like everything was working just fine. then a few months later, I noticed that it wasn’t ringing when it should.

I looked at the phone and it appears to still have the configuration as it shows the three line appearances but there is a line through the icon showing that it is NOT connected. I checked firmware and it was running .75 from January. I noticed that there was a newer firmware so I changed the template/firmware slots to use the new one.

I rebooted the phone but it wouldn’t update. I then Factory Reset the phone (option 66 for location) and it updated the firmware and reconfigured just fine but it was still not connecting. I checked the status and looked like it didn’t have an IP address for some reason. “Sip show peers” shows it’s not connected.

Looking through the logs, I can’t seem to find the TFPT entries when it would boot, which is odd. I did see the tftp entries for the factory reset.

I have another S505 that I can put in this one’s place to see if it follows the phone or not.

Has anyone seen a S505 behave like this? What am I missing?


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