WMM Past conferences

Basic info
Centos 5.5
Asterisk Ver.
FreePBX 2.8.1
Web MeetMe 4.0.2

I realize this isnt directly FreePBX related, but I was hoping someone here might have encountered this, or might be able to provide me some directly. I tried posting in the WMM forums and have yet to recieve a reply.

Creating conferences works great. The problem is when a conference is over and is now listed as a “Past Conference” the conference number and password are still usable. I have even went in and deleted all the past conferences and this still happens.

To my knowledge it hasnt created any problems so far but it hasnt been in place very long. I am relatively new to Asterisk and WMM so I am not sure which log files I should be looking through to be able to provide more in depth information. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated