With two T1 cards can Asterisk be "invisible" and pass T1 info in one and out the other?

Is this doable? I have a an old T1 based phone system that I cant replace currently. The time conditions on it is broken and I need after hours the calls to be forwarded to a different number. So I want to put a two port T1 card in a aserisk system. Have during hours the calls be passed in one t1 one and out the other (passing all the DID information over, so it is as if it is not there). And after hours have it forwaded to a number.

I am sure time conditions can do the switch. The main question is would asterisk be able to pass all the T1 info through (especially the DID’s untouched) sort of being invisible for during the day?

yep you can do this.

Thank you. What would be the proper configuration to make sure that asterisk doesnt change anything on the t1 info?

setup the trunk to not have a caller id. otherwise set up the trunk as normal. the hardest part is probably getting the T1 card setting on both ends set properly

Set the Dahdi settings for the T-1 port connected to your phone system for context from-internal. Set the one connected to the Carrier for from-digital.

Create inbound routes either for every phone number you want to affect differently, or if you want them all to behave the same then just use the catch-all inbound route (no cid no did). Send that to a time condition. Setup a misc application with the number you want to forward to. For the other part of the time condition to send calls to your old phone system set it for trunk-> your phone system trunk.

Create an outbound route set to catch all ( a . In the match pattern) with no caller ID info.

I did this on our old TDM phone system and it allowed me to move people to SIP phones one at a time, seamlessly.