With two remote phones, have difficulty answering calls

I have a freepbx server hosted on vultr with two yealink phones. Sometimes the phones cant answer the calls and you have to press answer more then once. I have STUN set up. I used to use openvpn on the yealink phones, but the new phones dont support the script I had. Any suggestions?

Thank you

Almost all yealink models have OpenVPN compatibility. What model do you have?

The Yealink 42S. The newer firmware. I used to used a openvpn script that I found ages ago called EasyOpenVPN. But it doesnt work for the latest firmware.
Do you know of a different VPN host/generator that we can use that would work?

Thank you

Official OpenVPN configured according to Yealink requirements should work correctly.

Unfortunately they needed it generated into a tar and from what I can find there are issues

Get a PCAP from the phone and PBX of a failed answer. If the PBX is not getting a answer packet from the phones it’s easy to know it’s a phone issue. If it’s getting it and not doing anything it’s a PBX issue. I would wager a steak dinner it’s your phone that is not behaving correctly or a network issue where the phone is.

I am almost 100% sure the issue is on the phone side. THe way I used to bypass any network issue was by have the phone VPN into the server. Now I dont see an easy way to do it.
THe router is a standard one that comes with the internet provider (optimum), I have ordered a unifi one to maybe help.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

I do not know anything about yealink phones with VPN. I know with Sangoma phones it’s all native and built into your PBX with EPM and Sysadmin to do all the VPN for you under the covers. One of the many reasons why Sangoma Phones are the best phones to use with FreePBX with all the tight integration.

What issues?

What issues are you experiencing? And I’m also not sure to which script are you referring, as I have OpenVPN working on pfSense to connect Yealink phones and I don’t need any script to make it work, it is just configured with the algorithm that Yealink supports, which is BF-CBC at least for my T28s and T26s.

This is a PDF from Yealink on how to configure the OpenVPN instance and create the certificates that you need to upload to the phones.


@ghurty What are your actual issues? What type of router do you have at the location with these Yealinks?

I have Yealinks at a variety of locations. I do not need to use OpenVPN or even a STUN server to deal with NAT issues. A proper router with the proper config can do wonders and not require all these hurdles to be jumped.

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