With Outbound Routes password not able to use custom extensions

Good morning may i ask you please
i have set a password in the Outbound Route in order the extensions that are being used by the clients (in rooms to let) not to be able to call outside without letting us know. But the problem is that if i want to transfer an incoming call to a custom extension that calls a mobile phone (in the queue or manually) the caller hears “please enter the password followed the # key”. What to do to fix this?

Create an outbound route without a pin.

Set the password-protected route to match the caller IDs (extension numbers) of the guest rooms.
Put the route without a PIN after that.

Thank you a lot
And where in the outbound route do i have to insert the 15 clients extensions?. I have FreePBX 13.0.197
Screenshot here: https://i.imgur.com/PY2EJSt.png

On the Dial Patterns tab, CallerID field.
For example, if the guest room extensions are all in the range 200-219, while your staff and custom extensions are not in that range, you could use the pattern

If the extension numbers are not in a clean block, you will need to use two or more patterns (on separate lines).

Worst case, if the 15 numbers are completely random, you’ll need to have 15 patterns.

Click the + to the right of Pattern Help to see what formats are permitted.

it worked like a charm thank you :slight_smile:

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