With one command ring a paging group and send it to a context?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to use a single command (that I could initialise using a bash script) to ring a paging group and send that paging group straight to a context without having to use call files as an intermediary step? The call files are handy but they’re a lot of extra fluff if it’s possible to do with a single line command. Thank you!

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You want to ORIGINATE a call to once destination, which upon answer will go to a second destination. I can think of three ways to do this:

  1. Call file
  2. Console command
  3. AMI command

Using a call file is tedious, and really only simplifies things when you want to schedule a call to happen in the future. The console command works fine, and is good for testing and doing proof of concept, but lacks the ability to set CID for the first leg of the ORIGINATE.

For the CLI, a very simple example is:

channel originate local/[email protected] extension *[email protected]

The above will dial XXX which can be any dialable sequence of digits and then send the call to the echo test when the first channel answers.

thanks Lorne it’s exactly this sort of thing I’m looking for, and indeed I’m already using commands like this - but instead of ringing extension to extension which I can do - I’m trying to play a file.

as an example:

We have a fire alarm which is capable of sending MQTT messages and running bash scripts when it’s triggered. So I wanted to be able to play a WAVE file over the Digium Phones (in addition to the siren that’s already sounding)

I’ll do some further googling.

Thanks for replying

Play a file is an Announcement. Create an announcement with the recording you want to play. Create a Misc Application so the announcement is directly dialable, say **55, or whatever you want, the feature code is arbitrary. Then use the same ORIGINATE command to initiate the call to the Misc Application.

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