"With Asterisk now supporting VM's..."

Scott Holtzman (Micro Advantage, Inc.) writes in the thread “multi-tenant freepbx with multiple asterisk?”:

“With Asterisk now supporting VM’s the need for a multi-tenant solution has been diminished.”

Just wondering what that means. I assume that by VM you mean Virtual Machine (right?), in which case does Asterisk now run better on, say, VMware VMs than it did in the past?

I’ve tried some experimentation with Asterisk on VMware and it seems to work OK but I haven’t tried any actual “real” deployments with any significant level of use.

Yes, VM=Virtual Machines.

Take a look at this:


You need to keep CPU response delay to under 5ms per container and you will be in great shape.

OpenVZ works great and is easy to manage containers. If you prefer a full bare metal hypervisor I suggest KVM. Proxmox 2.3 packages both options nicely with a decent GUI that will allow newbies to get into deep poop.

I’ve used multiple Asterisk servers running well under VMware as well. And ESXi 5 is free to install and run. The vSphere client makes it pretty easy to manage as well although that only runs on Windows unfortunately!

OpenVZ and KVM or also free. I find it harder to granularize resources on VMware.

Take a look at Promox 2.x, it has both OpenVZ and KVM and a wonderful web manager.