Wireless carrier lookup

Has anyone integrated a tool to allow FreePBX to look up a dialed number’s carrier and route calls based on the returned value?

There are a number of services that allow you to lookup the current carrier for a number (Carrier24-7 from Data24-7 is one). I would like to be able to do this and route calls to a CDMA gateway attached to our system to take advantage of mobile to mobile rates. This seems similar to the existing CNAM lookup tools in CallerID lookup sources, but is obviously quite different. Has it been done before?


This sounds like something that would tie in well to Superfecta

I have looked at these api’s for a hacky sms solution…

Look up carrier then send email to [email protected] But it wasn’t going to be worth it to me with a dozen other projects in my “hey wouldn’t that be cool” project list that I don’t have time for…

Actually an even better fit is the POSSA, Trunk Balancing module which selects trunks based on user defined conditions. At the moment there is no support for balancing based on URL results, but that could change if OP were to file a feature request:


Thank you for the suggestions, guys. I hope this is what you were looking for, lgeatez: