WIP330 Issues with Calling

Hello all,

This is my first post at the FreePBX community. Please let me know if I am not following the rules correctly and if I am providing the correct information.

I am very new to VoIP in general and am taking over administration of an existing system. I do not know what kind of general information to provide about my system or where to find it, but I can follow instructions well enough to get it if you tell me where to look.

I am running Trixbox. There is a system in place that works, complete with about twenty extensions, IVR setup, etc.

My problem is that I am trying to add a WIP300 VoIP Phone to the system and am having some trouble with inbound calls. When the WIP300 calls out, both parties can speak and hear just fine. When any line (internal or external) calls the WIP300, the WIP300 can hear them but the other party can’t hear the WIP300.

What kind of information do I need to provide to resolve this issue?

trixbox project is abandoned and has no support.

trixbox created a lot of grief for FreePBX as they rebranded FreePBX software, painted it green then abandoned their users.

The first thing you need to do is update to a supported version of FreePBX and Asterisk.

And the second thing is not try and use a WIP330 you will be in for a slew of frustration :wink:

I managed to resolve my issue and am posting this so that it may help someone in the future.

I was able to fix this issue by configuring the following settings:

Proxy IP and port: None
Register proxy IP: Trixbox server
Register proxy port: 5060
Outbound proxy IP: IP of server
Outbound proxy port: 5060
Phone number: Ext #
User name: Ext #
Password: Ext pass
Payload Type: G.711u,G.729,G.711a
Packet Time: Small
DMTF Relay: Enable
UDP Port: 5060
RTP Port: 5004

On the extension’s trixbox page, set the disallow field to “all” and the allow field to “ulaw.”

I doubt you have the g.729 codec as it is licensed.

Also, you should plan on updating that trixbox, it’s going to bite you.

Glad you got it going.