Win 3 Free Phones from Schmooze Com

Name the Schmooze Bot for a Chance to Win Free Phones From Schmooze!

Meet the Newest Member of the Schmooze Team “_____” the Schmooze Bot!
He’s been working hard for us for a few months, marketing our products all over the world, we’ve been so busy we haven’t had the chance to name the poor guy!
So we need your help naming the Schmooze “Bot”. We know you’ll love our little sidekick just about as much as you love getting free stuff, so we’re giving the person that comes up the best name for the little fella the chance to win a Grandstream 1405, Digium D70 and Aastra 6731i phone.

To suggest a name and enter our contest visit:

Based on feedback from people without a FB, twitter or linkedin accounts, I’ve added a couple of other options to enter this contest, you can do any (1) of the following to enter:

Register for a FreePBX MarketPlace account for access to our portal:

Follow us on Google+ (It dawned on me last night I left out Google+ guess that happens a lot to Google) :

Follow us on Twitter:

Follow us on Facebook:

Follow us on LinkedIn:

Then enter a “bot” name by visiting:

If you register for our marketplace account, that will give you access to view and purchase commercial modules and FreePBX add-ons, and purchase commercial support if needed, as well as view our FreePBX knowledgebase. Any purchases you make will help support the developers of your Free Phone System.

I’m primarly looking for a way to judge the effectiveness of doing giveaways and this type of marketing which is why I asked for the social media links.

If I get a good response it’s easier to see the benefits of doing this type of thing in the future. Plus who doesn’t love Free Stuff!

We extended the entry deadline until August 25th, we are still announcing the winner on September 3rd, (that didn’t change) we just didn’t need 15 days to make our decision. So if you have not entered a name yet you still have time to get in on the chance to win 3 Free VoIP phones, a Grandstream 1405, Digium D70 and Aastra 6731i.

Jamie Stapleton of Virginia submitted the winning entry in the Name The Schmooze Bot Contest. Jamie will be receiving three VoIP phones for doing his part to help name “Digit” the Schmooze Bot.

In his new position with Schmooze Digit will be tasked to spread the word about our commercial and open source PBX solutions that enhance business communications worldwide. Digit, just like your PBX will not be getting a day off, so he will be working tirelessly all over the planet marketing Schmooze products to our customers and business partners.

Digit will be the last robotic marketing mascot that Schmooze will need to invest in because just like our PBXact line of products Digit is upgraded on a regularly basis with all the new features, bug and security fixes. Digit also gets automatic nightly remote backups as well, so if disaster does strike he can be rebuilt quickly without loss of data.

Digit’s role will not be to just support our commercial product line, Digit is all about Open Source as well. Considering he got his name from input from thousands of visitors to our site from all around the world, he has a special place in his heart for Open Source Software.

Thanks to all the people that participated in the Name the Schmooze Bot contest. Keep checking back with us for new product launches and promotions.