Will Pay for Solution- Looking for a Robust Multi-tenant Billing/Merchant Services and Customer portal for Freepbx

Hello: we are in the process of deploying Schmoozecoms’s Freepbx OEM solution. It is a multi-tenant solution and each customer has their own instance, IP and MySql for CDR. We are in need of a Billing and Customer front end portal that will allow a customer to order VoIP packages, hardware, DID’s, SIP trunks. Also need to process other hosted services not related to the Freepbx system such as CDR from SIP trunks, and associated consulting services and have that process flow to a billing system and setup the transactions for reoccurring billing with all the necessary accounting and merchant service functions.

Additionally, where appropriate we would like the base information to flow to the OEM system to create the instance on the PBX for the customer, and procure the necessary user licenses from Schmooze. As a bonus we would like the system would also need to generate some document or pass the order of hardware to our phone distributor.

We are starting with a few Master Dealers and will in the future need to have reseller agents with their own branded portals and option to sell our services to other VARS for resale. I have looked at dozens of systems on line including A2billing and Star2Billing but they do not have clean support for Packages example- Business Extension with 500 minutes , Fax Account, Desktop Client software @$14.95.

We are also not in position to spend $30K on a solution so I hope someone has stumbled upon the perfect solution and is willing to share! Thank you in advance…

This seems like a fairly complex system. I bet it will not be easy to find something that will fit your needs for free.

Sorry: this is my first post. We have no expectation that this would be an open source free solution…we would gladly pay for the right solution! We are hoping that someone has compiled a set of modules and their own code to create the total solution.

One idea would be to use A2billing for backend and frontend I can discuss this with you PM me for details. I have something similar setup for our own use.