Will freepbx try the next trunk if it receives 4xx errors?

Working with a vendor to implement SHAKEN. Can anyone confirm if this call path will work?

PBX ==Invite==>In-line Proxy
In-line Proxy =======Invite=======> Vendor (adds SHAKEN token to header)
In-line Proxy <====403 Forbiden==== Vendor
PBX <=====404 No Route Found======== In-ine Proxy
PBX =============Invite (with new header intact) ===============> SIP Provider

The specific questions I have are:

  1. With the In-line proxy as the first trunk in the outbound route list, will FreePBX try the next trunk (provider) in the list when it receives a 404 No Route Found or will it just die?

  2. If it does try the next trunk in the outbound route list, will the invite contain the additional header content from the Shaken Vendor intact?

No, it will not contain the header from the vendor. There is no ability to retrieve or preserve such a thing.

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