Will FreePBX serve my needs

I’m looking to create a system that I can basically use as a call capture system. I would like to have a 1-800 number into a 24/7 recorded hotline where the user would enter in an extension (i.e. 102) and it would play a pre-recorded message and give the user an opportunity to leave a message with their name, address and phone number to be contacted.

In addition to the above, I would like the user to be able to press a button at the end of their recording and have a pre-determined document faxed to them on request, or possibly even texted to their phone.

Finally, I would like to be able to get the callers information including name, address and phone number even if they do not leave the phone number. This seems to be a feature that all the call capture systems offer even if the caller has blocked their number.

This information will not be used for anything inappropriate. I assume all the services that offer this type of system are using some type of VOIP platform (i.e. Freeswitch, Asterisk, etc).

Can FreePBX be setup easily to do all of this?

They only way to get a “blocked” callerID in NANP land is to use a toll-free number from a vendor that will send you the ANI. ref:-

That vendor might or might not be using VOIP, and might or might not provide you with the ANI (CLID, CLI, whatever it is called where you are).

The rest is certainly possible, but not particularly easy, the fax and call reporting will need to customized, so either get out your reading glasses or your wallet :slight_smile:

If the caller doesn’t leave enough information, you can, for what it’s worth, buy “dips” into databases from various vendors for name, address etc. for a few hundred millicents for each iota of data above the ANI, the quality of that data is “variable”.

Thanks Dicko for the help. I know there are a lot of database companies in the U.S. but I have been unable to find a good “affordable” source in Canada. Companies milk people in Canada for information like that.

Do you know of any 1-800 providers that provide the ANI?

As for customization: I’ve got no problem rolling up my sleeves and coding something or learning the dialplans, etc. I would just setup the most I can for now and then add to it. If that is even possible.


Of course it is possible, they are your reading glasses and it is your time :slight_smile: