Will free PBX erase my current configuration of Asterisk?

If I install freePBX on a machine that is already configured and up and running with Asterisk 1.2.4, will it erase my current configuration?


If you don’t have FreePBX installed before and you install the latest FreePBX the answer to your question is YES.

It will REPLACE all of your standard asterisk .conf files in /etc/asterisk with the defaults for FreePBX.

Is there an easy way for me to back up and restore the original settings into freepbx?

No. FreePBX works by storing all settings in a database and then by clicking “Apply changes” it creates from the database all .conf files and write them to /etc/asterisk and reloads Asterisk.
It can not read back the .conf files.

My (personal) recommendation is that you install VMWare on a computer, install a distribution (for example PBX in a Flash) in that VMWare, then configure all your setting in that environment. Write down your current configuration on paper so you have some sort of documentation of what you have then set that up in the VMWare machine.
Once you are confident of your work, backup (in FreePBX) the complete configuration, install FreePBX on your real machine (backup your /etc/asterisk first) then copy the backup from VMWare to the real machine and to a restore.

You can find the backup and restore part and the transfer of the backup to the new machine by searching the forums and the wiki.

sir kindly tell me how to make a voip server on fedora core 7

sir first i have install fedora core 7 and update all the packages with yum -y update command and then i have installed the 5 more packages then zaptel,libri,and asterisk,
sir i dont know forward this what i do please tell what i do

qasimkasi -

Don’t hijack other users thread with your question. Read the installation instructions on how to install Asterisk/FreePBX. If you still have questions start a new thread.

i have install asterisk at the end give me a error
i apply this command
cat:/var/run/asterisk.pid: No such file or directory


DO NOT HIJACK OTHER THREADS! The reasons are really simple. The thread you are posting to is about installing FreePBX on top of asterisk and preserving it’s configuration. (FYI: It really does not make a difference if you are the original poster or a different one).

This thread has NOTHING to do with fedora core 7, or reading the requirements of FreePBX to start. The error you posted above is simple if you read the requirements.

Start a new thread and people will be inclined to help you. But I’m pretty sure that if you post another none related support question here, you will quickly get on the bad side of almost all of those that scan messages looking to help people out and then it will not matter where you post they will possibly not respond due to you not following directions and advice.