Wildcard SSL Certificate Issue

Hey Everyone,

I’ve uploaded a wildcard certificate (exported from an IIS system) complete with the private key, the certificate and the trusted chain. It seems to have taken however my dashboard is displaying a notice saying that my security certificate has expired although it still has about 6 months to go before expiration.

My configuration with FreePBX Distro
PBX Firmware: 10.13.66-12
Current Asterisk Version: 13.9.1
Certificate Manager 13.0.25

The date and time on my PBX machine are correct. When I go to “Update Existing Certificate” from certificate manager I can see that the expiry date is correct. Where should I look next?

Just as an update. Simply dismissing the message on the dashboard made it go away and it hasn’t come back. Who knew it could be so simple.

The real issue that I’m having however is that I still can’t access the site securely through https even after uploading what I believe is a valid wildcard certificate which we currently have working on one of our IIS systems. I followed the export and import process from this article with the exception of the last step and restarted the server after the certificate was installed.

Anyone have any ideas of what I could be missing?


The process is

  • Certman -> Import Certificate
  • Certman -> Set as Default
  • Sysadmin -> HTTPS Setup -> Assign Certificate to HTTPS
  • Sysadmin -> Port Config -> Set ports for HTTPS Services

It works! Thanks! The answer is always easier than I imagine.

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