Wikipedia users, Asterisk article is up for deletion


For anyone who uses Wikipedia it might be worth noting that the Asterisk article has been nominated for deletion. the reason is that it isnt notable. For anyone who edits over there it might be worth voicing you opinion here -

I know this isn’t the norm for here but i thought this would be a good exception.


Wikipeadia uses Asterisk as their PBX. I the asked the Asterisk to keep the page up as you asked, but the information is more history than help. All I can do is ask.

Update. Wiki is open source and employees can’t control the system. It’s open. I was told the content was all from Digium and that is one of the reasons it may come down. Why not just got to digium was the answer.

That article has been pulled from deletion by the Wikipedia admin that posted it, it still needs some work to be Wikipedia “approved”. Open Source projects have a tough time on Wikipedia. I suggest people look up their favorite projects including FreePBX every so often and contribute references or updated information. There are many rules to follow, and it’s tough for the project managers themselves to produce articles for Wikipedia that don’t appear as an advertisement. It’s much easier for the community members that are utilizing the software to add relevant content. Plus often time the project managers are spending more time writing code, than writing Wikipedia articles.

Someone should delete most of too. A lot of that info is painfully out of date.

With just our little project it’s tons of work to keep the content updated and relevant, we are always looking for people to help with documentation.