Wiki documents and System Admin - DHCP for example

Are the FreePBX documents a cut and paste from the Sangoma documents? The reason I ask is because I don’t see this option in my FreePBX version. Based on the wiki page - “Rob Thomas on Jun 15, 2017”. It’s appearing that this section/page was touched in 2017 and is making me think it’s factual and current. Can someone please help me understand the reason for the delta?


It’s a System Admin Pro feature.

What version of Admin Pro was it added? (I have this feature now)

Why does the document not call it out as a Admin Pro for example like the “System Admin - DDNS” page? [I just noticed the call out on the “System Admin - Feature Matrix” page]

Why does the wiki page provide zero information in regards to configuration information?


I don’t know, but I can confirm DHCP server is present in and for the last few months.

It hasn’t been added yet.