Wiki and Drupal Migration

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. Last night we migrated all of the current FreePBX users to our single sign on server and turned on the single sign on system on this server.

What this does is it gives you the ability to make comments in our new wiki ( We can also upgrade your privileges to make you a contributor as well so that you can update and change items in the wiki.
In the next couple of weeks we will also be transitioning all of our trac data to jira so the links will move from being to

From there we hope to provide more support for managing the newsletters we send out and what data you’d like to be able to control. We value you as our userbase and we are excited for the future of this project.

If you can’t login to the wiki server with your forum account then you simply need to logout of the forum and relogin to the forum and you will then be able to access the wiki with your user account.

If you have any questions or concerns or if you are having issues please feel free to email me at andrew(dot)nagy(at)

Thanks for your ongoing support.
-FreePBX team

When I visit a wiki link all I see is this:


Not Permitted

You are not permitted to perform this operation.

I just logged into your account and it’s working fine for me. I can see everything and I don’t know where you are seeing those words because they aren’t anywhere on the page normally.

Just as byrnejb experienced, I am unable to browse the wiki at all. I have logged out of the forums and back into the forums, but am unable to access the wiki for reading. The message I get is also:

Not Permitted You are not permitted to perform this operation.

Just to note, if I am logged out, I am able to read the documentation. However, when logged in, it seems that I am being directed to an administration area of the Wiki. Specifically, I see these two links just above “Not Permitted”:

<a href"">Administration
<a href"">Users

Okay, my effort to use BBCode to provide the links as they appear didn’t work. So, in plain text, they are:

Administration -
Users -

And, as a test:


As I did for the other user I logged into your account and I experienced no issues. No redirect problems and I could view everything just fine.

So you are telling me when you login and you are redirected to that link.

What if you type the address in manually ( you are still redirected? Have you cleared cache?

Seems to have corrected itself. I was at the office earlier, shutdown, and brought my laptop home. Perhaps it was some sort of cache/temp file issue. Anyway, it is resolved now! Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: