WiFi/Sip to GSM phone failover

FreePBX newbie is looking for help: (FreePBX 2.5.0 / Asterisk 1.4.22)

Here is my office setup:

  • one Polycom phone at extension 501
  • A Nokia E51 GSM phone which has Wifi and SIP functionality at extension 598

If somebody calls my office number, a ring group with ‘ringall’ strategy will make both extension ring.

What I would like to achieve is automatic failover to the GSM phone for the 598 extension when I am outside Wifi coverage in the office.

I installed the “Misc Destinations” module and set up the GSM phone number as a destination.

I can set up the Nokia’s GSM phone number as a destination when there is no answer on the ring group that rings the two extensions above - but that means that when the Nokia E51 is outside of Wifi coverage, the Polycom phone will ring first, and then when nobody answers the call will go to the Nokia via GSM.

What I like to see, is that the Polycom phone and the Nokia phone (via GSM) ring concurrently when the Nokia is not in Wifi (SIP) coverage.

Is there any way to achieve this with FreePBX?

Many thanks,

Nobody? Any comments would be appreciated…

Not sure if this would work for your situation, but it’s what I use in a similar environment…

Instead of using Misc Destinations, setup follow-me on the extension 598 to go to the Nokia.

Add as the followme extensions.
5155551212# (replace with real cellular gsm as you would dial normally, followed by a #)

You would also set the time for the followme to 20 seconds (for this example, set it as low or high as you want)
Also, change the ring group to max ring time (60 secs) and failover still to misc destination, for the last fail catches
(note, for this I actually use a static queue instead of ring group, so it keeps ringing the members instead of a timeout, but up to you!)

So, here’s what you would get:

Incoming->Ring Group
RingGroup RingAll->598 & Polycom ext

After 20 seconds, since no-one has yet answered, the rg would still be rining 598 + polycom, but 598 would also start followme ringing the nokia phone.

Let me know if that helps!