Wifi setup

Very little experience and inherited the system
Have no problem getting sip registration when the phones are plugged, all phones are on the
no problem get the phones on the wifi then they lose the registration. Cant find sip server

I can log into the phone on the address and the address.
phones are the Fanvil x201 and Sangoma s705
Freepbx is 15
is there a trick to log the wifi phones onto the Sangoma Freepbx server?
office ips
phone ips has 15phones
is there a trick to log the wifi phones onto the Sangoma Freepbx server from anywhere? aka home office

From a registration point of view, WiFi is no different from being directly plugged into a hardwired LAN.

Do you have NAT on the server, as well, and if so, did you remember to include 10.15/16, as well a 10.17/16, as local networks?

Does the machine running FreePBX access a router that knows how to reach 10.15/16? Does the phone know how to reach 192.168.1/24?

the FreePBX Sip NAT shows 10.15/24, 10.17/24 and 192.168.1/24
firewall trusts 10.15/24 10.17/24 192.168.1/24
the router/switch UMDpro connects everything

machine running GUI FreePBX pings everything
IT machine pings all including 10.17/24 but not Asterisk server
Asterisk server doesnt ping 192.168/24 or 10.15/24

Those aren’t well formed, although I suppose it could infer the missing “.0”. To be well formed they would have to be either 10.15/16 or 10.15.0/24, depending on what your netmask really was.

both sub nets and have

My machine can ping every thing, not ping, yes
The bosses machine pings all and runs FreePBX at
I can talk to the phone on wifi
the Asterisk (Sangoma Linux 7 v3.10) server only pings 10.17.0.xxx

the FreePBX Sip NAT shows, and
firewall trusts,, and

how do i get 10.15.0.xxx phone to talk to Asterisk server?
No prior experience and inherited the system. I add to NAT and firewall everything else was allready there.

Did you restart Asterisk after changing the Asterisk SIP Settings? If not, try that.

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