Wierd issue when modifying Caller ID

I am having a weird issue on a new FreePBX installation. Everything has been working well, but when an external number calls into a DID and has a destination of a Misc Destination Cell Phone it shows the CallerID of the Trunk. I edited my extensions_custom.conf and it then forwarded the incoming CallerID to the Cell Phone instead of using the trunks CallerID.

The only problem I have now, is that when you call an external number using one of the internal phones, it shows the extension of the phone such as 109 as the CallerID instead of showing the full 10 digit CallerID assigned to the extension. Some cell phone companies are also picking this up as SPAM calls.

Is there anyway to have this behavior only when DID’s are forwarded to Misc Destinations, or is there a way to only have the SIPAddHeader for one DID and have the rest of the system run as default?

There’s a setting in PJ-SIP for the Cell Phone Caller ID problem. I don’t remember precisely which one it is, but there is one (Trust-RPID, maybe?)

If you set the trunk up as an Intercompany trunk, the internal CID can leak out.

I was able to get everything working. Instead of modifying the extensions_custom.conf, and setting the DID to go to a Misc Destination, I did the following. I setup the DID to go to an extension. I enabled “Follow Me”, and added the cell phone number with a # after it. That forwards the CallerID of the external number to the Cell Phone and does not mess up the CallerID for all other outbound phone calls.

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