Wierd behavior with Digium phone



EndPoint Manager
DPMA 3.6.3
Digium D40 phone with firmware 2_9_12

I have a phone in my home office.

Today, I can’t make phone calls anymore.

When I dial, it doesn’t do anything for a few seconds, then it does the “busy sound”.

I tried rebooting it, restoring it to factory default, everything… it still won’t work.

The weirdest thing is that I can RECEIVE calls, just can’t make any outgoing call.

I tried looking what’s going on in the asterisk CLI… I can see a lot of things when there’s an incoming call for this extension.
But when I try to make an outgoing call… NOTHING!

So I figured it might be a firewall issue?
My IP was not in the ban list of Intrusion Detection…
Nonetheless, I completely disabled the firewall to test.
Still nothing.

Dial pattern is
Which appears fine to me.

This really puzzles me.

Any idea?

So you could make calls out prior to today?
what country are you in? what number did you try to dial?


Any number I try to dial will not go through

I tried my cellphone for example

This dial pattern is set up for a system in North America that requires dialing 9 before an outside number. This is not the recommended way to set up a modern PBX, but some systems are done that way for compatibility with a legacy system they replaced.

If your PBX does not require (or permit) dialing 9 before an outside number, your phone has a corrupted dial plan (perhaps it got defaulted somehow).

Otherwise, try dialing these numbers:
*65 (reads back your extension number)
*43 (echo test)
918004377950 (should read your caller ID).
If your cell phone number is e.g. 212-345-6789, try dialing 912123456789.

when you say “I tried my cell phone as an example” that doesn’t tell us anything, please include the EXACT number you dialed as you dialed it (obviating the last 4 digits with “xxxx” for privacy). It’s the only way to tell if it’s a dial string issue based on the dial strings you posted.

also try using this dial string:


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