Why you should not mess around with the fcc

So as the FCC has promised recently they will go after anyone who is charging for phone service and not STIR/SHAKEN compliant or registered on the Robo Call Mitigation database, today they sent out a notice to all registered carriers such as Clearly IP that we had to stop taking traffic from a company called PhoneBurner. Here is the notice they sent out.

If you look on PhoneBurner status page here you will see they have been down all day. For those of you that are charging for phone service to customers and not registered with the FCC with your own 499 ID and have gone through and gotten you own STIR/SHAKEN cert I suggest you do so quickly.

And hot off the press Twillio is now being targeted for the same shutdown from the FCC as announced here.

they say they are compliant in this press release,

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