Why video calls always turn on?

I have video calls enabled. But even when receiving an audio call from a phone without a video (for ex. Cisco 7940) does Asterisk consider this to be a video call?
If I turn off video support, everything becomes in order. I only receive video calls.
I think this is wrong. Or am I wrong?

It depends on what version of Asterisk is in use and which SIP channel driver. Recent versions of Asterisk with chan_pjsip are more intelligent on when to offer video.

Asterisk 13.32.0
I use chan_pjsip

Video changes occur in Asterisk 16 and above. 13 support is pretty much how video has worked in Asterisk for years.

is it developer version. I’m not sure about it.

Asterisk 16 is a long term supported release, and FreePBX can be switched to using it. @lgaetz

Asterisk 16 is the current recommended version, and provided you’re running a supported distro you can upgrade using:

Does this mean that problems with video calls will be resolved?
I’m a little afraid to update Asterisk as we have over 300 remote clients.
I really hope that this instruction is working.

The problem is solved! Now I do not receive a video call if it is an audio call. The update of the Asterisk version helped me.
Many thanks!

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