Why video calls always turn on?

(Maxyca) #1

I have video calls enabled. But even when receiving an audio call from a phone without a video (for ex. Cisco 7940) does Asterisk consider this to be a video call?
If I turn off video support, everything becomes in order. I only receive video calls.
I think this is wrong. Or am I wrong?

(Joshua C. Colp) #2

It depends on what version of Asterisk is in use and which SIP channel driver. Recent versions of Asterisk with chan_pjsip are more intelligent on when to offer video.

(Maxyca) #3

Asterisk 13.32.0
I use chan_pjsip

(Joshua C. Colp) #4

Video changes occur in Asterisk 16 and above. 13 support is pretty much how video has worked in Asterisk for years.

(Maxyca) #5

is it developer version. I’m not sure about it.

(Joshua C. Colp) #6

Asterisk 16 is a long term supported release, and FreePBX can be switched to using it. @lgaetz

(Lorne Gaetz) #7

Asterisk 16 is the current recommended version, and provided you’re running a supported distro you can upgrade using:

(Maxyca) #9

Does this mean that problems with video calls will be resolved?
I’m a little afraid to update Asterisk as we have over 300 remote clients.
I really hope that this instruction is working.

(Maxyca) #10

The problem is solved! Now I do not receive a video call if it is an audio call. The update of the Asterisk version helped me.
Many thanks!