Why start_asterisk doesn't use systemd service for asterisk?

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Hi everybody,

I’ve followed the instructions in your wiki (I would have pasted the link but as new user in this forum I cannot do it) to install FreePBX in Debian Buster … but I’m wondering two things,

  • What part of the install process is intended to paste the FreePBX files into /var/www/html, apparently the install script is not doing it? Since this is the default document root for Apache, I’d like to move all static contents from there to /srv for example, could I do this? (obviously I will have to manage the apache virtual server config directives, etc.)
  • Why start_asterisk script doesn’t use the asterisk systemd service to manage it? I think it would be more appropriate to do it in this way instead running the asterisk binary directly.

Thank you all!

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