Why so quiet lately?

We haven’t posted anything for a while, so here is a ‘ping’ to let you know all is well and healthy. We had a big problem with spam on the forum system which has kept us busy. I think we have managed to stop the spam so come back and start helping to rebuild that community! One of the drastic measures we took was to inactivate all accounts that had never posted. So if you are having problems - this could be it. There may also be a glitch in receiving new registration confirmation email - so please let us know (you can comment here) if that is occuring, we are still trying to track it down.

Another question, where is the next maintance release …

Since 2.2.1 we have made some minor updates to the 2.2 branch, rest assured that a 2.2.2 maintenance release is not far off. We try very hard to keep the 2.2 branch completely stable so that you can always update directly from svn if you need any bug fixes that have been included but not released yet. You can find instructions on upgrading from svn in the Upgrading to the latest 2.2 branch of the upgrade instructions.

You can always look through the svn logs on a new branch once you’ve pulled the source to get an idea what the changes are. You simply type “svn log | more” after pulling the source. Some of the entries may be a little cryptic but most of us try to get the idea across.

A couple of fixed bugs that come to mind (and I know there are more). In ringgroups and followme, if the first listed extension had ‘freepbx DND’ enabled, none of the other extensions were called regardless of the ring strategy. This is fixed. Another ‘bug/feature’ just fixed is the behavior of inbound routing and Direct DIDs that you put with the extension/user. In the past, there was no checking for duplicates between the two, or the same DID being used with multiple extensions. In addition, if you used a Direct DID then the inbound route would be ignored, even if it had a more specific DID/CID route that you were trying to special case. Both of these have been addressed so the two types of routing should interact together now. This post discusses this a bit more.

That’s it for now - let us know how we are doing!