Why Outbound CID does not show up?

Hello all !

When I do a call from my asterisk box the Outbound CID does not show up to my destination. But I did set the “Outbound CID” in the extension’s settings.

Thanks for any hint how to get this fixed !


There are some providers that set the caller ID on outging calls to the number associated with your account, and ignore the Caller ID you send. If you have such a provider, the only way to get what you want may be to switch providers. I’d call or e-mail the provider and ask them if they support Caller ID passthru from an Asterisk server.

One other thing, Caller ID NAME is a different animal from Caller ID NUMBER. If you are sending calls to the PSTN, it’s quite possible that you will be able to pass a number but that whatever you send for the name will be ignored. That will not be an issue in cases where 1) Your provider passes through the Caller ID you send, and 2) The call is VoIP all the way and does not go out onto the PSTN at any point. Once the call hits the PSTN then for Caller ID NAME lookup to work, the name must be in the database that the phone companies use when they do a data dip.

If someone wants to get a petition going with the post-transition FCC to require phone companies to transmit the Caller ID name along with the Caller ID number (which the big phone companies would likely oppose because it would eliminate a small cash cow for them, which is the small charge every time someone does a dip in their name database), I would say it’s high time for such a requirement and I’d be in favor of it. Of course, they would probably claim it will take years to implement such a change, and drag their feet as long as possible!