Why is UCP showing outbound trunk CID instead of destination CID?

When a user looks at their history in UCP, it shows our trunk’s outbound number. There is no reason to see this in UCP, the user should see what number they dialed, that is the destination number. Which php file is making the database call? I’d like to adjust this. Or can you explain why this might be happening? I can search the CDR from FreePBX admin panel and all the info shows properly there, so maybe UCP is just pulling the wrong column from the DB. Or else idk what would be the reason for this. Thanks for your help.

What version of Asterisk are you using?

Asterisk 13.1.0
FreePBX 12.0.37

That is your issue. Asterisk 13 with CDRs are a real mess. We are working on a new CEL replacement to CDRs that we are hoping to roll out in the next few weeks to finally just kill off CDRs completely. I suggest not using Asterisk 13 in production as we warn at install time to everyone not to use it for Production.

Understood, thank you for your response Tony.

I am using FreePBX version 12.0.67 and Asterisk version 11.17.1

I am having a similar issue that UCP is showing in the description field a good number and description for inbound calls but for outbound calls it is show the Device Number (I am using users and device mode).

The CDR report has the correct number in the Destination.


That is because FreePBX stopped supporting Device and User Mode years ago so anything new built is not setup to handle it.

I noticed that it was not supported. And I figured that may be why there is a problem, so that is why I mentioned it.

If you don’t use users and devices can you still have a single extension appear on more then one sip device? I purchased a grandstream pbx and it did not support users and devices either and I ended up ditching it because I could get the two device thing going so ironically i went back to FreePBX which does not officially support it either.


I have the same problem (wrong description in outbound call)
Do you have some solution?

Are you using Device & User Mode or Extension Mode?

I think my problem is device and user mode. I also have a problem with the UCP and the Endpoint manager module. I would guess this is also related to Device and User mode which is not supported.

It stinks that FreePBX does not support this mode.