Why install FreePBX 15 on Debian 10 rather than using Distro?

Just curious: For amd64, what’s the motivation for installing FreePBX 15 on Debian 10 rather than using the FreePBX distro?

One might be that you can do it on a Raspberry. ( and a lot of folks here do just that)

Valid point. My bad for not being specific enough. Original post edited.

In my case because I have being doing that for years, at least since 2014, Debian has always been able to upgrade itself to it’s next iteration without reinstalling FreePBX consequentially so has FreePBX

I have machines that have been humming along for all those years that started off as Debian 6, apt-get update and and apt-get dist-upgrade has yet to fail me, inline upgrading PHP or Mysql or Apache2 , nodejs also only a little bit problematic yet happily doing FreePBX 15.

I am also confident that I am producing a truly open source product that I can read and audit every part of (sysadmin module can’t be installed :slight_smile: )

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