Why "?" in front of CallerID

When I am receiving a call over a SIP trunk via my Digium PRI gateway, the incoming CallerID, that my called party gets always has a “?” in front of the calling party name.

Anyone has had this before and knows how to fix this?

FreePBX 12, Asterisk 11.


What do you have in the CDR logs and what do you see if you connect to asterisk with

“asterisk -rvvvvvvvvvvvvv”

Are they already present?

You could also try activating SIP debugging with

“set sip debug on”

but get ready to have a looooooooot of output if you do that…

Is it possible you could have set this as a CID name prefix in your routes or something like that?

Good luck and have a nice day!


Thanks Nick.

It does show in the call records like this:

SIP debug output also shows this strange sign in front of the calling party name:
— (8 headers 0 lines) —
Transmitting (NAT) to
ACK sip:[email protected]:5060 SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK09f15493;rport
Max-Forwards: 70
From: “▒Markus” sip:[email protected];tag=as691ac22d
To: sip:[email protected]:5060;tag=3900049122
Contact: sip:[email protected]:5060
Call-ID: [email protected]:5060
CSeq: 102 ACK
User-Agent: FPBX-
Content-Length: 0

Nothing set specifically as a prefix in outbound routes.


If what we are seeing is between your PRI gateway and your FreePBX box then you need to look into your PRI gateway configuration…

I guess something (I assume FreePBX) replaces that garbage with that weird question mark to show something is wrong…

This is weird, I have seen almost the same problem on very different hardware in the past at work, that “garbage” must mean something but is probably not supposed to be transferred down the line…

Good luck and have a nice day!