Why I can't install FreePBX distro

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ok no worries, you wouldn’t have by any chance a tutorial that would deal with this subject


Not handy but I think google has got a few.

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you wouldn’t even have the exact wording of the question by any chance


You could start with “what is an IP address”.

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know that, I have a lot of knowledge in computer science… but seriously, you wouldn’t have the exact wording

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This is a troll for sure. Hahahaha. Its called learn how to use VirtualBox. Your IP issue has nothing to do with FreePBX

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Hello, I just finished installing FreePBX distro (Virtualbox), I copied the ip address that was displayed on the google url bar except that it didn’t work and I realized that I didn’t have the same ip address in freepbx distro and in my “real” pc, can someone help me to solve this problem

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That’s probably Virtualbox default network configuration set NAT , therefore check VirtualBox network configuration and set to bridge.

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Yea, its called learn how to use Virtualbox and set your IP…Its not a FreePBX issue. This is no different than if you were running Microsoft Server, or Win10 or Linux or anything else in VirtualBox

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Obvious troll is obvious, or oblivious troll is oblivious.

Either way don’t feed the troll.

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