Why Freepbx doesn't send AgentConnect and AgentCalled Events

Hi all,

I have a freepbx server with an analog card installed. For testing, I have mapped its one analog port to a specific extension 101 so that when call comes on this analog port, the call be connected to the 101 extension.

I am also monitoring Asterisk events via my application using Asterisk Manager. I expected to get AgentConnect and AgentCalled events when a call comes in. But surprisingly, I don’t see any such events on Wireshark.

Can anyone help me identify what configuration changes do I need to get these two events via Asterisk Manager?

Those events are for Calling Queues, if you are specifically routing the call direct to an extension then there would not be a queue involved. I suppose you could push the inbound route to a queue and have extension 101 as a member in that queue. I would recommend that you look at utilizing four digit extensions in the future so you don’t have potential overlap with feature codes and this will also make your system more scalable.


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