Why factory reset after vega 50 firmware upgrade

hi, i just upgraded my firmware on my vega 50 and per the wiki, i am supposed to do a factory reset!!!
this seems odd, why do i need to do this??

also, if i do it, will that erase my config? it seems like it would?!

thanks in advance

A factory reset would most definitely erase the config.

But, if it is being provisioned by an external source like EPM or something then the config would come back.

In your case, the article you linked tells you to create a backup of the current configuration so you can restore it once the factory reset has been completed.

hi, yes, i see the direction to backup then erase then restore…but that gets to my question…whats this for? if i default the config and then restore…am i not just putting back what i erased…why am i doing this at all?


Ahh… I understand your question now.

While I did not have any involvement in the creation of the hardware or software, I would hazard a guess that there is a chance of it not working as intended when doing a firmware upgrade on a production system.

In my experience, updating a system and then uploading the config is generally a way to make sure that the update process does not mess up the configuration.

Anyone with experience on this specific hardware/software package is more than welcome to explain.

It is atypical to have this type of process as the main design, but it is decently common to need to be done when something happens.

I’ve had firmware upgrades of routers, laptops, etc all complete successfully, but then things just were not “right”

Factory reset and then a reapply of a backed up config gets it back quickly.

As for why? pretty easy really. during the process of upgrading the firmware, something get wrote to the wrong field or memory gets shifted, etc. lots of potential reasons.

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