Why do module updates keep resetting the RTP Port values?

We use a non-standard range and the module updates keep resetting it to 10,0000 - Why? I thought this was supposed to be left alone.

It is, and this should be fixed. What version did you upgrade from and to?

Ok - didn’t see this for a while, and then went to System Admin - Updates and went from 6.12.65-25 to 6.12.65-29 and it did it again - Here is the log for what it’s worth…

2015-08-21 14:16:27 Initializing update process
2015-08-21 14:16:27 Submitting update request
2015-08-21 14:16:28 Requesting updates
2015-08-21 14:16:29 Processing update
2015-08-21 14:18:11 Requesting updates
2015-08-21 14:18:13 Processing update
2015-08-21 14:18:13 Starting stage 1
2015-08-21 14:18:51 Stage 1 complete
2015-08-21 14:18:51 Starting stage 2
2015-08-21 14:19:49 Stage 2 complete
2015-08-21 14:19:49 Starting stage 3
2015-08-21 14:19:49 Stage 3 complete
2015-08-21 14:19:49 Starting stage 4
2015-08-21 14:19:49 Stage 4 complete
2015-08-21 14:19:50 Starting stage 5
2015-08-21 14:19:50 Stage 5 complete
2015-08-21 14:19:50 Starting stage 6
2015-08-21 14:19:50 Stage 6 complete
2015-08-21 14:19:50 Upgrade script complete
2015-08-21 14:19:51 Upgrade process successfully completed!

Oh, it’s distro updates that you think are resetting them? That would explain why I’m pulling my hair out going ‘there’s no way this could happen!’

Did you update all the modules before running the upgrade script?

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Distro updates would never touch that. It they are being reset its something in a module.

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Probably true, but here is the sequence of events - and it has happened so many times now (we are maintaining over 80 boxes) that we have made it standard procedure to check the RTP ports after ANY module/distro updates because we have been burned so many times.

In this specific case (and in the past also) here is the chain of events:

  1. Update all modules to current until no more are offered. Check RTP settings and fix if changed.

  2. Do Distro updates to current and check RTP settings and fix if changed.

This was fixed several months ago and is no longer an issue.