Why do i get these messages when I log in

When I log in with SSH, I get a slew of messages

Whatever is happening here mangled my network files so I was unable to SSH to my server. I had to log in via a recovery console and fix the network settings. This is not good

I have reinstalled. Not getting messages as before

its complaining about a missing file.

It is always recommended that such logs are posted via pastebin, many like me just won’t try to decipher mangled pictures past a few seconds of WTF is this.

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I didn’t see the messages in a log but only on stdout, this the screenshot. What is being executed when I log in.

Yes. But this is a brand new installation. I wonder why a file would suddenly go missing.

depending on how and where you login from, expect the issue from the appropriate selections from

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Once I get my network working, I’ll take a look

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