Why do all my extensions have a -1 appended to them in EPM?

All of my extensions are regular numbers starting at 100 and going up.

When I map those extensions in EPM, they all show up with a -1

100-1, 101-1, 102-1, etc.

If you have a PJSIP extension that has the max contacts set to more than 1, then you’ll see 101-1, 101-2 etc

I already checked that, and all of my extensions have that setting set to 1.

In the latest EPM , extension will have x-1 for max contact=1 where x is extension number.

We did this changes to easily change the max contact from n to n+1 or to n-1 to avoid loosing EPM configuration.


Good. This was a huge problem to me for a couple sites when COVID hit. I globally updated max contacts with a SQL query and then all the EPM stuff was hosed.

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