Why cant i install sccp

i am currently trying to install some kind of s sccp addon to use with Cisco phones i can not download the new firmware for the phones because i do not have a service contract with Cisco. any help would be greatly appreciated. i have been trying chan_sccp but every time i try to upload the modal it says that the file name in incorect.i am using asterisk 1.8.11 and freepbx and the cisco 7960g sccp firmware

Not sure what you are trying to do. You didn’t not say the model numbers of the phones, what version Asterisk and FreePBX you installed.

Chan_sccp_b is a separate project. Some folks are working on an sccp module for FreePBX, you would still have to install the channel driver.

i am using and the cisco 7960g as the phone with sccp fermware

That’s a freepbx version. Need all component versions and how you installed them.

Do you know how to download source code and install on Linux? If you don’t this will be quite a struggle for you.

no i do not :frowning: is there any where i can find a download for the Cisco sip firmware. and yes i will pay for it.

Stop shouting, I edited your subject.

Those phones are end of support and end of life.

I can’t possibly advocate searching the Internet for copyright material, or post links to copyright material, but it would not surprise me in the least if the software is on the Internet. The filename is P0S3-08-11-00.zip

its just hard to beleve that such a big project doesn’t support sccp straight out the box.

SCCP is a proprietary format. The reverse engineering that the chan_sccp team has done is impressive.

Perhaps the nuisances of where everything comes from is lost. FreePBX is a web admin utility and Asterisk code that adds PBX functionality to Asterisk. chan_sccp is a channel driver for Asterisk. It’s not all one big project.

Also you’re welcome for the hint on the software :slight_smile:

yea thanks i think i found what i was looking for. :slight_smile: i love Cisco hardware to death but some of there stuff could be a bit better. just had a small conversation with a friend of mine and he just said he got 90% of it installed on his set up so we are going to work on it to marrow and see if we can get it working on mine. wish me luck:)

The 79x0 series are easy. Just unzip the contents to the /tftpboot folder on the system then create the configs with the endpoint manager in FreePBX.

Make sure the version in the config file (use template editor) matches the version you have. It is case sensitive.