Why cannot hear the voice mail?

when i press *98 and enter the password of my mailbox, it always say password incorrect? why?

*98 should be prompting for your mail box. Do you enter the extension first?

*97 should just prompt for the password and assume that the mail box is the extension you are dialing from.

It would be useful to know what version of FreePBX and Asterisk you are using. Is it a distro install or built by hand?

thank you! it works! can i listen to the voicemail from my cell phone directly? i found that if i call *98 or *97, it can only tell me there is an voicemail coming from which date,but i cannot listen to it? if the default setting cannot hear the voice recording, can i do some configuration to make it possible?

my freepbx version is the voicemail is just enabled from the adding extension page.i didn’t enter any extension. when i press *98, it says “mail box”. i just randomly pressed some button then it says “password” and i entered the password i set for that extension. then it says password incorrect. what is the correct instruction i should follow?

When it says “mailbox?” it is asking for the mailbox extension after which it ask for the password for the mailbox.

*98 works like this

  1. Asks for mailbox
  2. Asks for password

*97 works like this

  1. Assumes that the extension of the mailbox is the extension of the phone you are dialing from

  2. Asks for the password of the extension you entered from step 1 above