Why 10 Minutes and Not Zero Minutes

I am been curious as to why Asterick or firewall takes 10 minutes after a reboot to start, and not zero minutes…can you imagine the iPhone taking that after boot up to make a call…its sales would be infamous. It drives me to wonder, why? What would it take to be instantly?

FreePBX starts asterisk, systemd starts FreePBX, so Asterisk (with an s not a c) starts very quickly. The delayed firewall start gives folks who haven’t RTFM to fix things after they screw up.


Not sure what sort of setup you have running but not a single one of the systems that we manage takes 10 minutes for asterisk to start. Calls are typically flowing through a system a minute after restart at most and as @dicko pointed out the firewall start delay is in place as a fail safe.

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