Who's working on FreePBX? (for pay)

(Itzik) #21

Welcome back and thank you.

A lot of your posts here helped me in the last 3 years.

(Dave Burgess) #22

Someone has to. If it’s someone on staff, we don’t have to worry about the civilians getting hit.

(TheJames) #23

I miss Kodak

(Matthias Binder) #24

Hi there,

I stopped selling PBXAct/FreePBX products last year, also changed the company in the meantime but we also have PBX in our Portfolio. In the Past we reported really high priority bugs from our customers without any help. Some got directly denied with notice of buying support tickets, some have been confirmed and have been fixed many months later. Open Source is one case but if there is a Device bug in EPM and someone tells me full support is only with Sangoma Phones then i cannot sell any business customer this Phone Solution anymore, either as PBXact or as FreePBX.

Maybe this is the reason why Tony and his Team are focussing more on this topic now. If we can sell our customer the FreePBX based solution with a maintenance contract wich includes bug fixing for commercial and non commercial Products in a short acceptable time, and includes that the customer cannot not be making us responsible for any bugs, fraud, than this is the way we can sell it.
We also sell Cisco Enterprise PBX Systems and If there is a problem then the customer gets Support from Cisco and from us, and tickets get solved soon as possible, no question if it is a critical or not critical problem.

If we get this kind of Support in Central Europe we can start making another try.

(Ted Mittelstaedt) #25

I’ll call BS on that I have a customer with an enterprise Cisco VoIP install that has had intermittent one-way calling issues for months on their newest Cisco VoIP phones. Fortunately while I consult with them I was not the reseller who sold them that system so I can just sit back and eat popcorn on that one. But I’ve sold Cisco before and they aren’t that responsive when I’ve submitted bugs. 2 years is a typical turnaround from them on fixing one.