Wholesale/Metered trunk providers?

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That’s becuase both of those companies send calls from multiple IPs. Chan_SIP can support a single IP which means you would need a trunk for each IP using Chan_SIP. If you converted to Chan_PJSIP for the trunk, you could add all the IPs to one trunk.

This would solve your issue and allow you to turn off anonymous callers.


How would I add all the IPs to the trunk? When I setup the trunk I actually made it PJSIP and not chanSIP since it’s legacy.

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On the advanced tab of a PJSIP trunk, there is a field called “Match (Permit)” that you populate with all hosts from which an inbound INVITE can originate.


Yay! That worked! Thank you!

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Good points. I forgot to mention that I do have a more “traditional” SIP number for E911. I plan to transition that number to one of their consumer plans (which do provide E911 service) as soon as my prepaid commitment expires, but it’s a very important consideration and I was remiss to ignore it.

However, in my mind other than the E911 issue AD is very useful for small systems in particular. I’m moving towards a “digital nomad” existence, and the ability to spin up low-cost local/international numbers while maintaining direct US dialing/reception for business and personal use, all for a pittance, is a huge win. But as always, everybody’s use case is different and their needs will determine what solutions are good/bad/indifferent for them. For me, it means I can run a full VOIP PBX with 3 dial-ins for around $7-8/month all-in (including hosting costs), depending on usage.

Interesting news about being able to bump the channel count, too. I doubt I’ll ever need it, but I’m sure there are some who would benefit. Thanks for the info!

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Alcazar Networks is also doing pretty well for a couple of my installations. Their call volume model is “prepaid”, so you just top-up the cash on hand whenever it gets low.


I don’t have any stats but here is my experience:
We manage dozens of systems, clouded and on premise and, at least once or twice every week, VOIP.ms tunks go down for a few seconds on all of them at the same time. The Montreal servers seem really unreliable. It’s been better since we switchted to Toronto, but we still have some issues. Not a major problem because is last only a few seconds, but still annoying. We had to switch from VOIP.ms to another provider for our bigger customers who couldn’t live with these frequent outages. Maybe it’s better in your area.

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"Self Identified Shill Post ;), since discussion has included several different providers, I’ll post some of the reasons you should look into into SIP Trunking from ClearlyIP.com and see if we may be a good fit "

  • Configuration Module for Easy setup and management on FreePBX Based Systems (We also support multiple other non-FreePBX systems as well.)
  • e911 Settings managed from the online portal/store or from within a module for FreePBX
  • Full Support for Kari’s Law (notification via SMS, Page Groups & Email of e911 calls)
  • Full Support for Ray Baum Act (Dispatchable Locations & Call Back Profiles)
  • Competative pricing for Call Path Subscriptions and/or Metered Billing Options are available
  • Registration with Multiple Data Centers with integrated failover and redundancy
  • SMS/MMS Integration
  • Direct, Partner & Agent programs/pricing options available.
  • Local, Toll Free, International DID’s/Phone Numbers Available.

Reach out to us if you would like to learn more, due to my respect to the FreePBX Community I likely will not be discussing or delving into additional details here in the forums.

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