Who know if Asterisk/FreePBX technology can do this?

Who know if Asterisk/FreePBX technology can rebuild all this market of Call Center for a fraction of money?
What do you know?
Maybe this people of CD&R (Clayton, Dubilier & Rice) do not know about this :slight_smile:

If you consider the hardware sales (appliances, servers, software, network gear, phones etc, software and services globally generated within the FreePBX Ecosystem you will understand that it is already a major game changer in the telecom space.

Article in Internet Telephony Magazine from a few years ago about the billions that FreePBX and Asterisk already generate in this space… http://www.tmcnet.com/voip/departments/articles/397097-billion-dollar-game-changer-schmooze-com-the-open.htm

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