White screen after adding things

When I’m adding something new, for example a new route or extension, I get a white screen.
The only way to escape is to hit the browsers back button.

I had this behavior also in freepbx 2.7, but since i upgrade to 2.8rc, i thought i should mention here.

What could be the problem?
How I could investigate it?

If is one of the 3rd party modules or something, how can i investigate what causes this behavior?

I latest ubuntu 10.04 with php 5.3.2


how i can troubleshoot?

could be a third part module.

could be running out of memory.

Make sure your php memory_limit is set fairly high (try 124M or so).

Then, one at a time disable third party modules you may have installed until it starts working so you can figure out which one is causing this assuming that is the case.

Thanks Mr Lindheimer,
you are great!

actually I had read this piece of advise searching on google, but somehow i had missed disabling the faulty module, because I had it as absolutely essential at my mind.

The module that was causing the freepbx-white-screen-of-death was wake up calls 1.2.3. made by www.fonicaprojects.com. I hope that they will fix it.

  1. Is there any other way to put alarms at extensions?

  2. Can you put a feature where users can rate and comments modules?(like in wordpress for example).

  3. How come this plugin was messing up when i was adding routes?

  4. How come I didn’t find any error message about at various error logs? (apache, php etc)

  5. I get various error messages because I have the latest php. And i thought it was relate to them. I was even trying to downgrade my php. I was even trying to write php scripts. :smiley:
    Should I ignore these error messages completely? Are they harmless?
    Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated in /admin/modules/core/page.did.php on line 177

Thanks a lot for your support!

the deprecated message for split() isn’t going to harm anything, but go ahead and file a ticket in the tracker for it as it should be addressed to remove the warning.

actually, don’t bother, just updated the code to get rid of split() r10030

thanks for updating the code. there are similar problems all around freepbx with php 5.2.3.
Maybe you can eliminate split in all scripts where it exists.

  1. any proposed alternative alarms?
  2. any direct way to find next time if a module creates problems, instead of disabling one by one the modules?

if there are other deprecated functions the best way to deal with them is just to open bugs against them and they will be corrected.

as far as bad modules, I guess you could go as far as to not load any third party modules:-) (though there are plenty of reasonable ones out there…)

Can’t really say otherwise, it’s the nature of debugging and not knowing what the issue was makes it hard to know what to look at. In general http and php logs will tell you a lot.

http and php logs didnt tell me anything about.

I think a search accross all source code for “split(” would be much easier, than me opening 5 tickets.

anyway when i ll find i ll post them