While receiving Paging Group Call, get extension number of the Page Group Call

Hi to all. I need to get the Intercom Extension number on Call Receiver End.

For example Intercom Extension Number 300. Under this extension 301,302,303 extensions are available.

If 301 extension make intercom call, 302 and 303 will receive the call, But 302 and 303 will consider 301 is making call to them. But they doesn’t know call is coming from 300.

I need to know the Intercom call extension number at the call receiver side.

And is there any option to know who are all available for the Intercom call ?
Can anybody tell me, this is possible one or not ?

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do exactly. Which module are you using? Ring group? Follow me? Paging and Intercom?

I am trying with Paging and Intercom. My Intercom Paging extension number is 300. under the Intercom paging extension I had added 301,302 and 303 extensions.

If 301 make call to 300 means, 302 and 303 will get the Intercom call. This functionality is OK.

But 302 and 303 will know call is coming from 301.

I expect the following,
For intercom call, 302 and 303 additionally need to know call is coming from 300(Paging and Intercom number)

I’m still a bit hazy on exactly what you’re doing. Are the following assumptions correct?

x300 is a paging extension / page group

x301, x302, and x303 are regular sip (or virtual) extensions

You want x301, x302, and x303 to indicate that a page is coming from page group 300 AND that the page was initiated by x301

Yes, Your understanding is correct.I need that exactly .

What does it currently show? The extension number that initiated the page or the page group number? Not sure where this came from but it looks like the Park Pro paid module added some functionality to the paging groups.

Everything below Default Page Group is added. You’ll notice the CID Prepend field.